What makes a highly competent Personal Trainer

Written by Andrew Meyer

Six Qualities all Personal Trainers should have

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There are thousands of Personal Trainers in the United Kingdom. Most of these will be the ‘Best Trainer’ according to their client. The Trainer may be getting the client results. Therefore the client feels that the Personal Trainer is very good. However, unless the client has trained with other multiple Trainers previously, they do not really have anything to measure their current Personal Trainer against. So if you want to compare your current or future Personal Trainer, bear the following points in mind:

1. Knowledge Execution:

How well do they execute their knowledge?

A personal trainer that has every qualification possible, is not necessarily the best personal trainer. In my experience of recruiting, mentoring and working with over a hundred personal trainers, knowing how to implement the knowledge is so much more important than having an overload of knowledge.

To add to that, what extent of knowledge do you need your trainer to have, in order to achieve your goals? If the Personal Trainer has attained the basic 6 week online personal training qualification and gets the client the desirable results, no one can argue that they lack the qualities of a good Trainer. So no matter how much knowledge the Personal Trainer has, executing that knowledge skillfully is what defines a good Personal Trainer.

2. Accountability Coach:

Can you rely on the Trainer to keep you accountable?

When you feel accountable, you turn up to your personal training sessions every day or every week  without fail. That gives you consistency, which eventually leads to results. The fact that you pay for these sessions, should not be the factor that keeps you accountable. The qualities which make an excellent Personal Trainer a great accountability coach are these: The questions asked of you during your personal training, the systems used to remind you of training, your nutrition and the Personal Trainer turning up promptly to every session, ready to get you results.

3. Motivational Expert:

Are they motivating you?

To be realistic, we must agree that there will be moments of failure. Whether it is not wanting to see the inside of a gym because you are exhausted or perhaps because you have ‘fallen off the wagon’. A personal trainer is there to tell you “It’s ok. But this is how we can fix it”.  If they can achieve this easily without saying too much and it resonates with you for weeks, this shows that your Personal Trainer is skilled at motivating you. 

4. Proficient Niche:

Do they have a niche market?

All too often I have witnessed Personal Trainers offer their services to clients who clearly are in need of specialised training. You would not go to a General Practitioner for a heart bypass. So why spend good money on a Personal Trainer who may be very good within their own realm, but has no clue about the niche that you fall into. If you are a 50 year old man then look for the Personal Trainer whose clients are mostly a) men b) as close to your age as possible. People like you are their proficient niche. Therefore that type of Trainer will almost know your phsycographic and demographic before you even meet.

5. Self Presentation:

How well do they present themselves?

If your Personal Trainer takes very little care of his own appearance, how can you then expect that they will work hard to make you look good? A Personal Trainer who presents themself well, shows that they care about their business and takes pride in what they do. As their client, they will want the same thing for you. That is, to look and feel great in order to enhance and achieve everything possible, in your career and personal life.

6. Reliable Service:

Will they be accessible when you need them most?

Having a hectic work and social diary makes it hard for many to get into the gym. Therefore having a Personal Trainer to turn up on time, every time, is imperative to your motivation, accountability and the money spent on this service. If a Personal Trainer manages their diary well (hopefully online, as written diaries are outdated, flawed, not transparent) they give the client consistency with personal training times. A prompt, reliable personal Trainer will be appreciated more than you think.

Opinions are debatable. So the opinion of another client as to how good their Personal Trainer is, is not necessarily what will work for you. If a  potential Personal Trainer has the above mentioned qualities and you can afford it, then the only aspect standing in your way is whether you will get on with that Personal Trainer. Will you be able to take criticism, praise or encouragement from them? Can you share your thoughts with them and trust that they have your best interests in mind?

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