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In a world where the pursuit of success often comes at the cost of our well-being, the Life Time Performance Scorecard emerges as a your beacon of balance. It's not just about achieving; it's about thriving- today, tomorrow, and decades from now.


Are You Tired of the Constant Juggle?

You're mastering your career, but at what cost to your health and personal time? Your relentless drive propels you forward, but the silent whispers of unaddressed health concerns and the guilt from missed family moments linger in the shadows. 

What if Success Could Feel Different?

Imagine a world where your health amplifies your success. Where every decision is informed by a deep understanding of how to nurture your well-being alongside your ambitions. The Life Time Performance Scorecard is your guide to this world.

What is Holding You Back?

Is it the relentless tick of the clock, the overwhelming sea of health advice, the fear of missteps, or the comfort of status quo? Whatever your barrier, the Life Time Performance Scorecard is designed to break it down.


Why Choose the Life Time Performance Scorecard

● Reconnect with your dreams of a balance life where success doesn't come at a steep price. Your health is the silent partner to your achievements; let's ensure it's strong, vibrant and enduring. 

● With our holistic approach, addressing work-life balance, health concerns, and personal time becomes not just feasible but straightforward. Backed by science and tailored to fit the busy lives of professionals like you, our scorecard offers a clear path to improved well-being.

● The time is to act now. Your future self-energised, healthy, and still on top of your game-depends on the choices you make today. Don't let another day pass where your health takes a backseat to your success. 

The Journey to Creating The Scorecard

Our Story

Behind the Life Time Performance Scorecard are Andrew Meyer, Eric Laborieux, and Joao De Souza — three seasoned personal trainers with nearly two decades of experience each. Our journey in the fitness industry has been enriched by guiding top-level executives from globally recognised companies such as PepsiCo, Sage, Cartier, Burberry, Tiffany’s, IBM, CNN, Citibank, Bank of America, BNP Paribas, JP Morgan, and hundreds of SME Leaders. 

Drawing on this extensive experience and recognising the unique challenges and needs of our distinguished clientele, we saw a clear need for a comprehensive tool. The Life Time Performance Scorecard was born out of a desire to provide these high-achieving individuals with a clear starting point, a mirror reflecting their current health and fitness status, before embarking on a tailored journey towards sustainable, lifetime performance. Our mission is to empower you to understand and unlock your full potential, with a solid foundation of knowledge and personalised insights.

Measure how well you R.A.T.E for

Can you say that you can sustain high-level performance for the long term? Without life, health and performance longevity, everything you doing can fall away in a instant.

Most high-performance leaders main focus is on everything else besides themselves and forget that their business, family and future relies on their health


R - Recovery

How would you rate your physical and mental recovery? Do feel that most of the time you could do with more rest or you don't have the drive that you know you should?


Inconsistent recovery whether it is variable sleep patterns or your non-stop approach will have a great knock on effect to your energy, cognitive performance and anatomy function. 


A - Anatomy

Do you know if you are fit, strong and flexible enough to prevent yourself from physical barriers that may be detrimental to your success in business outcomes?

Lifestyle or exercise induced pain whether chronic or mild will be debilitating and take major time away from you being able give 100% to your business as well as family. 


T - Training

Do you know what your genetic natural strength should be and how do you think you compare to that? Are you under-performing due to your lack of strength? 

Developing strength through powerlifting, weight training, and resistance exercises can enhance physical performance and reduce the risk of injury.



Do you think your energy levels are optimal everyday? Do you feel that the ability to put in the hours your business needs is greater than the energy you have? 

Lack of energy reveals itself in many ways from injury to brain fog. Having energy is not just as simple as consuming more, its balancing nutrition, recovery and anatomy. 


Answer 60 multiple choice questions that are based on what we've found are common health and fitness markers for being a high-performance leader.

You'll get an overall Life Performance score, as well as a score for each of the 4 influencers of Life Time Performance.

You'll also receive a personalised report with incremental steps that you can start working on immediately to improve your score and sustain your peak performance for the lifetime of your career.

How it works

The Promise of Tomorrow Starts Today 

Our clients dream of a future where success and health are intertwined, where longevity and vitality are not just hoped for but expected. They Seek efficient solutions that weave seamlessly into their high-octane lives.

Personal Trainer Marylebone | Executive Fit Club Client
As a business owner, I know that health and fitness are essential to my personal and professional success. It's one of my biggest self-investments. 

Alan Smith

Business Owner

Personal Trainer Marylebone | Executive Fit Club Client

Healthy living has improved my physical health, mental clarity, energy, and productivity. I manage stress and stay focused by exercising and eating well. 

Neil Simpson

Business Owner

Personal Trainer Marylebone | Executive Fit Club Client

As a business strategist, I strongly advise individuals and organisations to prioritise health and wellness as a crucial element of lifetime performance and achievement. 

Kathleen Batista

Business Strategist

Personal Trainer Marylebone | Executive Fit Club Client

Health and fitness are essential to lifetime performance and success. You can achieve your goals and build a successful career by prioritising your physical and mental health.

Gavin Haig


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