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Written by Andrew Meyer

11 Reasons why its important to stay fit and healthy

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Your early years as an entrepreneur or CEO may have been quite exhilarating, while equipped with the endless energy of youth. Sure, there were doubtless some minor hiccups health-wise along the way, but you always pushed through. However, you are beginning to feel more fatigued with time and pushing through is increasingly becoming a strain.

Many might argue that fatigue is a natural outcome of countless hours of work and getting somewhat older. The reality is that it does not have to be that way at all. It all comes down to how you consistently maintain your health and fitness levels.

Estimates show that over 40% of CEOs have a BMI of over 30. This has a massive negative impact on not just their energy levels but also their strength, blood pressure, hormone levels and also the ability to ward off disease.

The most common reason that most CEOs and entrepreneurs have for avoiding exercise, is that they believe they simply do not have enough time. Unfortunately, this mentality is not only going to tax your body, it is certainly going to harm your ability to work efficiently in the long run as well. Not being able to maintain your energy levels sufficiently will have a negative impact on your company and impair your decision-making ability. It will also affect your personal and family life. Feeling fatigued will result in you taking longer to get anything done, be that business or a personal matter. Fortunately, you can reverse this situation starting right now.

1. Exercise can save you and your company

Exercise helps greatly to reduce your risk of cancers, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and many other debilitating diseases – but you already know that. Keep reading though, to find out how keeping fit will ensure that you and your company function at optimum levels for many years to come.

2. Your energy levels will skyrocket

According to research exercising regularly can assist to elevate your energy levels. This is so, even if you are suffering from a chronic disease associated with fatigue, like heart disease or cancer. One study showed that regular exercise had a much greater impact on the body, compared to stimulant medication. This proves that exercise is far more effective than simply having an energy drink or a cup of coffee.

3. Your confidence will improve

We understand that looks are not everything. However, getting into better shape will not only improve your appearance. It will also really boost your confidence as well. Exercising and improving your overall health is linked to better skin, improved posture and overall body shape. All of which will naturally contribute to a stronger presence and greater self-confidence.

4. Your immune system will become stronger

Any doctor or health expert will recommend exercise and proper nutrition over a pill or supplement. Exercise and good nutrition work, because they are so beneficial to the body long-term. Studies show that regular fitness activity will lower the number of sick days individuals may take.

5. You will get razor sharp focus

An increased amount of physical activity results in a richer supply of oxygen to your brain. This helps to bolster your concentration levels, your ability to plan ahead, your memory and also to visualize and solve problems more efficiently.

6. Say goodbye to aches and pains

Whether you are running a company or have a desk job, exercise is crucial because it helps you to feel comfortable while you sit for prolonged periods. One way exercise does this is by improving your spinal health and your overall posture. This prevents the most common energy zapper among sedentary workers: back pain. Furthermore, exercise tones and strengthens muscles and joints, while also greatly increasing their flexibility. This is a surefire way of preventing odd aches and pains from ruining your concentration.

7. And say hello to stronger bones

Lifting weights not only strengthens your bones.  It enhances your bone density as well. Studies show that regular strength training is a great way of preventing osteoporosis and other bone-related diseases in the future.

8. Your balance and co-ordination will improve

Do you knock into things at work or at the grocery store? If yes, chances are you need to improve your balance and co-ordination. Exercise helps to improve your stability and also helps you to become more aware of your surroundings.

9. Your functional strength increases

Functional strength is essential for day to day tasks. For example, lifting an object off the floor, pushing a couch or even getting out of a chair without any strain to your body. A proper and consistent exercise routine with sufficient strength training is a great way to increase your functional strength at work and at home.

10. You are happier every day

Exercise aids in the release of feel-good hormones in the body. These are called endorphins. This helps you to manage stress better, while also preventing anxiety and depression.

Often regarded as a natural anti-depressant, studies show that the effects of exercise are comparable to those of powerful anti-depressants like Sertraline.

11. Your Testosterone

Exercise increases the production of hormones like testosterone, which tends to decrease naturally as we age. Low levels of testosterone cause symptoms such as fatigue and lack of energy. Other symptoms are loss of muscle mass, increase in body fat and decrease in bone mass. All factors that will inhibit the strong leader you are now and in the future.

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