Exercise makes you happy

Written by Andrew Meyer

Who wouldn't want to be happier

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Whether you’re stressed out, feeling blue or exhausted from work, exercise can make you feel better. It’s not only about improving your mood, but making life more exciting. Imagine achieving each milestone you set in your workout routine and celebrating your small wins. A greater challenge means a greater win. In addition, almost all exercises are functional. They help you perform well in your daily life, making most daily tasks effortless.

If you’ve been thinking of exercise as a chore, keep reading because the following might change your mindset.

1. Exercise releases happy chemicals

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter released in the brain that plays a role in increasing feelings of happiness and pleasure.

Numerous studies indicate that aging causes the decline of dopamine stores in the body, which is why it’s important that you constantly look for ways to increase your dopamine supply. 

One of the best ways to boost dopamine production is exercise. Lift weights, run a marathon, play with your kids – any activity involving plenty of dynamic movements is sure to make you happy.

2. It releases endorphins

This isn’t news for most people. Exercise helps the body release endorphins, which elevate our mood and reduce pain and stress. In other words, endorphins make you happy. Exercise has the same effect as eating chocolate, having sex or shopping there’s no tomorrow. All these activities release endorphins too.

3. It helps you de-stress

Sure, sweating it out is going to help you eliminate your day’s worries but regular exercise is sure to reduce stress in the long-term as well.

Yes, your body is releasing a surge of endorphins that make you feel amazing but it’s also important to understand that you are putting your body under a harmless form of stress when you’re working out. You’re utilizing your muscles to their optimum potential, you’re heart rate is increasing and all of this is stimulating a series of hormonal changes in your body. You’re becoming tougher. 

There are people who train themselves in marathon running, martial arts and sports activities just so they could fight stress in a much better way.

Subjecting yourself to stress by exercising regularly will allow your body to handle other, less pleasant stressors in life in a much more effective manner.

4. You'll feel rejuvenated

We all have days when we are too mentally or physically drained to start working out. However, despite how you feel during that moment, it’s essential that you gather all the willpower you need to exercise. Contrary to what most people believe, exercising will give you much more energy than when you started. It will pump you up and get you motivated to initiate your next set of tasks. Speaking of which, exercising can also help those who have trouble with procrastination.  

5. You become more confident

When you aren’t happy about how you or your body looks, you can lose confidence very easily. This may have a negative impact on several aspects of your life, including your job, relationship and your life goals. 

However, when you exercise, even if you don’t have that beach body yet, seeing your body transform into a better version of itself will quickly boost your confidence and help you excel in all areas of your life. Exercise will not only improve you aesthetically, but it will also make you stronger and more resilient to stress and things that usually bother you. You will feel more independent and empowered in every area of life.

6. You'll sleep better

If lack of sleep is an issue for you, instead of popping a pill, you should try working out every day. Studies show that working out in the a.m. will have the maximum effect in people trying to improve their sleep, but working out even in later hours of the day will help you enjoy good quality sleep too. 

Furthermore, exercise will give you that encouragement you need to get out of the bed and get things done. You value time much more when you include exercise into your routine.

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