Finding your strengths and weaknesses

Personal training is a one-of-a-kind experience geared to each individual's particular requirements and objectives. To give the greatest experience possible, it is essential to have a thorough awareness of an individual's strengths and weaknesses. Our training analysis tries to uncover these areas in order to modify and optimise your training programme. 

Each of the six tests in our training analysis is designed to evaluate a distinct area of your physical fitness. 

1. Warm Up Test

The Warm Up Test evaluates your preparedness for activity and aids in injury prevention. By administering the Warm-Up Test, we can guarantee that you begin your workout in optimal condition. This can improve your performance and maximise your training analysis experience. The Warm Up Test is an essential aspect of our training analysis, as it ensures that you are prepared for your exercise and able to maximise your time with your personal trainer. 

2. The Mobility Test

The Mobility Test measures your ability to move your joints through their complete range of motion while maintaining control throughout dynamic and complicated activities. This exam aids in evaluating flexibility, coordination, and stability, and can be used to detect potential injury risk or areas of constraint. By assessing your mobility, our personal trainers can customise an exercise regimen to fit your unique demands and enhance your overall movement quality. 

3. The Biomechanics / Form / Chemistry Test

The Biomechanics / Form / Chemistry Test is an in-depth evaluation of your body's movement mechanics, energy use, and muscle recovery. This examination evaluates how your body moves, how effectively it turns energy into motion, and how well it recovers from muscle under tension during exercise. This test's results can give significant insight into your athletic performance and help you discover areas for growth. This test will guide you towards more efficient, injury-free mobility, whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or just trying to improve your fitness. 

4. The Cardio test

The Cardio Test evaluates the endurance and effectiveness of your cardiovascular system by testing how effectively it operates after your energy reserves have been exhausted. This exam can assist in identifying areas for improvement and establishing a baseline for monitoring cardiovascular fitness. It is a useful tool for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone wishing to check their general cardiovascular health. The findings of the Cardio Test can offer a thorough picture of your aerobic capacity and assist your personal trainer in guiding you to build an effective and efficient training programme to reach your fitness objectives. 

5. The Core Test

The Core Test examines the strength and stability of your midsection after it has been fatigued by prior tests. This exam evaluates your core muscles' capacity to retain stability and control throughout movement, despite exhaustion. By testing the resiliency of your core, your personal trainer will be able to identify areas for development and customise an exercise regimen to fit your individual requirements. The findings of the Core Test may also be used to measure your core strength and stability improvement over time. Regardless of your abilities, this exam can be a useful tool in your pursuit of optimal function and performance. 

6. The Flexibility Test

The Flexibility Test measures the range of motion in your muscles and joints and provides a full assessment of your flexibility. This test can detect regions of tightness or restriction and evaluate whether any limitations limit your range of motion or put you at risk for injury. The findings of the Flexibility Test can assist your personal trainer determine the ideal stretching technique and advise to help you attain optimal flexibility and range of motion. 

These assessments are performed every 6 to 12 weeks in order to monitor your development and make any required modifications to your training regimen. This enables us to fine-tune your training and assist you in reaching your objectives more efficiently. Our training analysis is a vital component of our personal training programme and is intended to offer you with the finest experience possible.